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In Beat'em Squad you'll play the part of a group of misfit characters part of a higher organization that upholds law and order in the world. An emergency alert comes from District B10 and the squad moves out to action. As you arrive in the already deserted area, a group of thug-like robots approach with unfriendly intentions. Smash, cut, blast or electrocute your way through hordes of distinct enemies and save as many civilians as you can.

- Move Controls (W/A/S/D)
- Dash/Run (double-tap W/A/S/D)

- Jump (Spacebar)
- Basic Attack (O)
- Special Attack (P)
- Pause Menu (Esc)
- Combos: Mix Basic and Special Attacks to unleash powerful finishers.


Cpt. Summers
The scaredy leader of the group. Some of his Special Attacks can be also used to parry enemy attacks.

A two-faced man with the heart of a samurai. His whole moveset will change depending on where he's looking.

The Wonder
An enthusiastic new recruit. Excels in controlling the battleground with her high speed and crowd control attacks.

A dangerous ex-convict specialized in destruction. Deals tremendous amounts of damage but loses health if he doesn't use his Special Attacks often.


Beat'em Squad is a short prototype I did as my Bachelor's Degree Final Project in 2018.


Beat'em Squad.rar 15 MB


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